Hval Station opened in 1908, with its strategic position, has always been a place of transition for the army back and forth to Hvalsmoen military camp situated just in front of the station.

The Station now has been taken by the Atelier Azur with the purpose to establish a permanent centre for art, the main idea is to draw the lines back to its original function as an important place for transition.

The train... not only a vehicle for transporting people, but also a container of ideas, actions and cultural movements passing through the landscape. and so has the Station been the melting pot between ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES, a passage, something in between.

A place where one thought meets another, where something begins and ends at the same time. Movement and stillness, as the water in the rivers runs, the same and always different.

The Atelier Azur since 1999, first with Casaterra in Italy and now with the North Station. has always focused on creating situations and places where people with different backgrounds and nationalities gathers around a common artistic project.

The concept is usually site-bounded, which means that the location, territory and traditions becomes the main inspiration for the artists.

The Station will be a permanent 'Room for Art', but at the same time a dynamic starting-point for situations created in the territory and towns around, in collaboration with locals, schools and other institutions.

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