The artistic group atelierazur has been founded in 1999 in Martina Franca (Taranto, Italy)
from an idea of the artists Tony Pagliara and Ingvild Lundesgaard
later will take part in the group Gianni Bianchini and Fabiana Corrente

the atelier with collaboration of other artists creates
 an open place where artists from various countries
can find an opportunity to exchange their experiences have a dialogue
and work together starting from the presupposition that
the contemporary artist is characterized more and more as a "nomad" figure
whose researches and aknowledgments are based upon
a continuous interaction with different spaces, people and their memories

between the 1999 and 2001 the atelier has proposed various exhibitions
and organized an event called


offering hospitality to many artists both italians and from abroad
(Norway, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, New Guinea, Australia, Montenegro)
the aim of such an event was to intervene in a given space
the place has been the old centre of Martina Franca
where the paintings, sculptures installations, photographs, videos, performances
got in touch with the places of the daily life, transforming them
into a sort of ideal medium for the artist's action

in the 2002 the Atelier Azur has moved from the town to the countryside
between Martina and Ceglie Messapica
the "trulli" where the artists work
its a sort of home workshop called


where artists from all over the world are guest
and at the same time is the regular residence of the
atelierazur group


passaggi 2000
passaggi 2001

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